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Adriaan Vermeulen

Have you ever experienced a team working “in flow”? Working together closely, challenging, inspiring and delivering incredible results. I have had the privilege of being part of such teams in the past and it has “spoiled” me for ever. It has set the bar and over time I have learned that to some extent, it can be created. By being self-aware and authentic myself. Taking responsibility. Connecting and giving honest feedback, respectfully. And what always works for me is envisioning purposeful goals we can aspire to as a team. Luckily I have found people that share this idea and complement me with their experience and expertise. We work together on a wide range of engagements. Meet them below…

Partners in Noviter-engagements by theme/case

Strategy & Boardroom level cases

Leon Brunenberg

Entrepreneur,  advisor and founding partner of Mobilee Consultancy. Mobilee is a partner of Noviter.

Program Management, Project management and Project control cases

Jacqueline Klaassen

Senior advisor and founder of Quintense. Expert project manager, contract-manager en coach. Quintense is a partner of Noviter.

Jordy Geernaert

Senior advisor and founder of Quintense. Expert analist, project control and Contract- management.  

Erik van Ravenzwaaij

Senior project manager. From IT to customer processes. Expert Lean Six Sigma. Result driven, people focussed. 

Organisational design, Change and Continuous Improvement cases


Marco de Boer

Business partner for leadership teams dealing with organisational change and HR-topics. Brings acceleration, decelaration, focus and structure.

Marc van Heeswijk

Execution director, loving Agile and fixing strategy. Background in marketing, communication, innovation, change and product management. Founder doenkc.

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