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Client cases

Strategie Execution cases

  • Design a new B2B client strategy and communication plan following the new corporate strategy of a Pension Manager.
  • Harness a new strategic program to implement agility and realise cost reduction at a Pension Manager.
  • Align the governance and organisational design of a large Healthcare Institution with the new strategy.
  • Install and empower cross functional client teams representing the whole organisation of an Investment Manager.
  • Implement process driven and goal oriented management at a Healthcare Institution.
  • Redesign the organisational governance and enhance entrepreneurial power of an Insurer.
  • Shape IT-outsourcing and change strategy of a Hospital.

Performance Improvement cases

  • Increase client satisfaction and client focus within 1 year at a large Pension Manager.
  • Realise a total turn around at a Management Consultancy firm during the financial crisis years.
  • Bring in control a 1,5 billion Euro infrastructure project for the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure.
  • Turn around analyses of a Healthcare Institution in financial distress followed by a large change program.
  • Several cost cutting projects at a Bank, Insurer, Pension manager and Governmental organisation.
  • Several Lean Six Sigma process improvement projects at an Insurer, Governmental organisations and Investment manager.

Change Power cases

  • Design, lead and redesign an organisation wide, multi-year, transformation program, implementing Lean and Continuous Improvement at a large Dutch Pension Manager. See article below.
  • Design and mobilize a companywide Lean and continuous Improvement transformation program at a Bank and a Telecom/Media company.
  • Implement a top down and bottom up, performance management system of “steering to success in short cycles” throughout the entire organisation of a Pension Manager. Watch the video below.
  • Bring in control and redesign the entire Corporate Project Portfolio of a Pension Manager.
  • Install an effective Process Compliance function at a Dutch Investment Manager.
  • Redesign the procurement function of a Governmental organisation.
  • Design and execute a leadership and behavioural change plan for a Pension Manager.
  • Deliver several Training services on topics such as: Process Management, Lean, Steering to success in short cycles, Performance-dialogue and Adaptivity.

PGGM Case Continuous Improvement

Read this article (in Dutch) about the Continuous Improvement program at PGGM and watch the video on how "Steering to succes in short cycles" has been implemented at PGGM.

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