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Strategy- execution

No concern is higher on the priority list of boards and directors than the "vitality" of their organization. The aim is to maintain a customer-friendly, efficient, effective, productive and profitable organization, in which passionate and healthy employees flourish. Nevertheless, this balance may come under pressure or the organization must be ready for a new phase of growth. The foundation of our craftsmanship is performance improvement with process analysis, Kaizen's, Lean and Six Sigma applications. With our experience, we can quickly guide organizations and guide them in the approach and management in four different areas

Peformance improvement

There comes a point where the in-depth strategy sessions, analyzes and solid rationale for a new course come to fruition. We are here to guide you at this critical stage. We are ready to answer the unanswered questions and work with you to ensure a seamless transition from strategy to execution. Whether it's identifying priorities, streamlining implementation plans, or addressing unforeseen challenges, we are committed to providing the support your organization needs.

Change power

In the rapidly evolving business world, more and more organizations have developed their own change management capabilities, and this is a positive development. Our approach is based on a deep understanding of your corporate culture and context. By working with your team, we not only provide standard solutions, but we develop strategies tailor-made for your specific challenges. We focus on your strengthening internal capabilities, so that you can initiate and manage changes flexibly and independently in the future.


Harvard Business School aptly names what they call “Performance & Opportunity Gaps,” a shorthand term to summarize challenges at the boardroom table. At Noviter, our consultancy services start after an exploratory session with the client, during which we specifically identify and clarify the specific "GAP". Our exploratory sessions allow us to gain deep insight into the specific performance and opportunity gaps impacting your organization. 


In the dynamic landscape of continuous improvement, the learning organization, Lean (start-up), Six Sigma, or Agile, "Adaptivity" is the indispensable strategic umbrella. Embracing agility in an integral way enables your organization to instinctively anticipate and learn as a person, team and organization. Change is the only constant and adaptivity is the essential key to embracing this dynamic. Whether you are involved in Lean methodologies, Six Sigma, or Agile practices, the ability to be adaptive provides an overarching framework that guides your organization's strategic direction.


Achieving results requires several aspects, especially effective leadership. In the ideal situation you aim for a leader to make himself redundant and leave behind an increasingly better performing organization. We temporarily step out of our role as advisors or trainers and integrate ourselves into the process. Based on our extensive experience, we offer three types of leadership services. Characteristic of all these forms is their temporary and elimination-oriented character. We are open to discussing results-oriented contracts.

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