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Harvard Business School aptly names what they call “Performance & Opportunity Gaps,” a shorthand term to summarize challenges at the boardroom table. At Noviter, our consultancy services start after an exploratory session with the client, during which we specifically identify and clarify the specific "GAP".

We believe in a personalized approach to tackling the unique challenges of every organization. Our exploratory sessions allow us to gain deep insight into the specific performance and opportunity gaps impacting your organization. Only when these gaps are clear can we effectively start designing strategies and solutions that seamlessly meet your needs.

How do we work?

We distinguish 7 phases of an (advice or change) issue where we provide tailor-made advice. We address issues according to a “U” or “V” shape based on the U-theory of Joseph Jaworski and Otto Sharmer.

From the many different large and small consultancy projects at service organizations over the years, we have developed various proven and inspiring working methods, workshops and tooling.

Below you will find a selection of these per phase:

Awereness & mindset

  • Gap-exploration session
  • Good-2-Great workshop
  • Fixed or Growth mindset

Urgency & Ambition

  • Purpose drill-down
  • Voice of the Customer Arena
  • Workshop: What is the Target Situation and OKR (Objective, Key Results)

    Analyses & Design

    • Adaptivity-scan
    • GAP-Deep Dive
    • Change3 approach

    Deep insight, Decision & Commitment

    • Rubicon Session
    • U-Process inspirational session
    • Performance Dialogue and Toyota KATA

      Change preparation, Train & Accelerate

      Delevering results

      • Review & Revitalising Change Program
      • Turn around management. See Leadership

        Sustain & adapt

        • Steering towards success in short cycles
        • Adaptivity Maturity Model
        • Interim Management. See Leadership

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