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In 2040 my daughters will be in their thirties roaming this planet and participating in a sustainable and liveable environment. That is what I hope, of course. No plan can give me that security. In the end, the only thing we can really count on is our adaptability. Are we going to leave this competence to survive and thrive up to luck? Or will we hone this evolutionary quality and apply it to our advantage.

Let’s master adaptivity and face the future confidently.

Adriaan Vermeulen


Strategy execution

The direction is clear, now it’s time to execute. You need agile processes, a logical organisational structure and decisive management. This is where we steer towards an exciting vision in short, successful cycles.

Performance improvement

Let’s get better, faster and offer more value. Your motivation to improve needs to be addressed with skill and experience. With our Lean & Six Sigma expertise we can help achieve sustainable operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Change Power

Sustainability really means having the power to adapt the result by yourself. It comes down to teams continuously learning, improving and innovating. Continues change becomes second nature when approached with purpose and proven methods.

Innovation: the product of adaptivity

We are inspired by Darwin’s quote: “It’s not the strongest of species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change”. This applies to modern organisations as well. They consider the ability to cope effectively with rapid change and an uncertain future, to be a core competence. Take a look at the video to see what we believe this core competence is all about. In our blog you will find our ideas explained in more detail.


Organisational advice

Insight, acceleration and drive. Our organisational advice is aimed at senior management and executives seeking to deliver results. Our approach considers 7 phases with a number of proven services. In which phase of change is your challenge?

Adaptivity Training

Adapting proactively and successfully can be perfected. We have 4 training programs, each aimed at a specific audience. From the “Adapt to Win” Masterclass for professionals, to the “Adaptive by Design” workshop for executives. Have a look at our menu here.

Change Leadership

Enough talk, action please! When the time comes to carry responsibility for planned results, we like to participate. As program leader or turn around manager we can help turn projections into products and deliver on promises.

The Change Accelerator

How to begin? How to accelerate?

Every so now and then a leader finds herself in a situation where multiple opportunities and threats form ambiguous dilemma’s. With no time to spare, the client, the board or maybe even you have raised the bar and demanded a seemingly impossible result. Whether it’s about profitability, customer satisfaction, growth or reputation, something “big and hairy” is at stake.

Noviter is very well suited for these kind of challenges. We have translated our unique combination of expertise and experience into a special solution we call: the Change3 Accelerator. It all begins with an exploration session.

Change Accelerator

Rapid insight, building momentum and first results. There are situations in which you as a leader have little time to solve a problem or gain an advantage. A special approach is needed with very experienced professionals and a “let’s do it” mentality. Does your case qualify for acceleration?


"The 5 competences of an adaptive organisation".

That is the theme of our first blog.




Adriaan & Partners

My goal is to realise meaningful, sustainable change and become superfluous. For that teamwork and collaboration is key and fun. First and foremost, with my client and their teams. Secondly, with complementary partners. Meet them and their expertise here.

Noviter at a glance

Noviter is a change & improvement firm with a special vision on adaptivity. We are most effective in the service sector with experience in Financial services, Healthcare, Telecom and Governmental organisations.

We offer a unique combination of expertise: 1. Advice (setting the direction), 2. Training (developing the change skills) and 3. Leadership (delivering results). This is especially useful when executive leadership is dealing with complex organisational change and needs to accelerate.

In special cases we take (partial) ownership of the transformation. For example in collaboration with private equity or family owned businesses.

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